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text anthony draaisma
lay out hans maas

to teun, my beloved son

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  0. travel along with me, but mind your step
  1. puzzling, refresh yourself
  2. think for yourself
  3. crises, welcome them
  4. slow down, again and again
  5. meditation, let your mind act out
  6. ego, a subtle dance
  7. courage by comfort
  8. shopping, just do it
  9. avoid who calls himself guru
10. therapy comes first
11. surrender, the joy of saying yes
12. you are your own guru
13. admiration evokes own qualities
14. mirroring, go on go on
15. reputation, a dead end
16. svadharma, the work that suits you
17. embrace your roots
18. devotion, evocation by expression
19. soul, a most beautiful metaphor
20. on the way, starting time and again
21. whatever world, it's me, and you

PS. only grace there is

the making of on the way
addendum on the way
integral text

'On the way' was published in 2018 and 2019 as 'Onderweg' in the newsletters of the
Dutch Bookshop De Kraanvogel (Culemborg) - www.boekhandeldekraanvogel.nl